March Home Sale Statistics

Home Sales Columbus.png

The biggest takeaway from last month is that we are headed into another crazy Spring and Summer of real estate here in Columbus. There was a lot of talk last fall and over the holidays that we may be heading into a down turn in regards to the real estate market. However, we are already seeing an uptick again as we gear up for Spring.

It was impressive to see German Village with an average sold price of $808k, but it may be slightly misleading. With 6 homes sales, and a $2 million sale, the number is slightly high. The area did see a very high average without that sale though, right around the $550k mark.

There are a lot of homes being sold in Reynoldsburg right now. This has been one of the hardest hit areas post recession and has been one of the last suburbs outside of the 270 outerbelt to recover. You’re seeing a lot of home sales there right now because it’s one of the few ares that are affordable for first time home buyers with an average home price of $180k.

If you’re curious about your specific neighborhood, or you’re thinking of selling your home in the next year or two, we would love to help.

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