December Home Sale Statistics

Columbus Home Sales

The biggest takeaway from this past month is that Clintonville continues to lose some of the interest it had a couple years ago. A few years ago, Clintonville was one of the most desirable and hottest markets in all of Columbus. Since then, other areas have emerged that offer a lot of the similar qualities that Clintonville has, and then those same areas offer perks that Clintonville doesn’t.

Olde Towne East has emerged as a very strong challenger to Clintonville. Both are Columbus City Schools, and both tend to offer older homes that have more character than some of the newer homes today. However, OTE has steadily increased the number of things to do and places to go near by. It also is a little closer to downtown than Clintonville is.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “The Crest Gastropub” is located in both locations.

Market UpdatesJosh Uminski